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Clients Come First

Since 2001, Attorney Neil E. Colmenares has represented thousands of satisfied clients. The key to our success has been, and continues to be, open communication with our clients. By maintaining an open line of communication so that client concerns about our processes and practices are safely and confidentially reported to us, we are able to incorporate their unique needs into first rate representation.

Having represented clients both foreign and domestic, we know first hand that a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment are vital to success in today’s global economy. Utilizing these experiences and combining them with our core values of honesty, integrity, and respect, has properly positioned us to continue representing a diverse business clientele with excellence.

The varied skills and experience of people from different cultures, gender and ages benefits our business, helping us to better understand our clients across the world and to build stronger relationships at a local level. Our focus on diversity and inclusion also means customers, employees and partners choose us more often than not.

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Business Judgment | Strategic Planning | Risk and Dispute Management Regulatory Compliance | Complex Negotiations | Corporate Governance

Fast learning entrepreneurial results-oriented General Counsel with broad legal knowledge, tested business judgment, first-class communication skills, and extensive experience developing and implementing business-oriented solutions while maintaining legal compliance.

Grand strategist and analytical problem solver who focuses on the overall picture to ascertain strategic business direction while formulating and implementing risk mitigation strategies.

Decisive leader with ability to take initiative, manage, negotiate, explain complicated legal concepts in lay terms, exercise judgment, think—write—and speak analytically—clearly—and persuasively, plan, organize, speak in public, work with others, and counsel.

Professional Credentials and Education

Admitted to practice law in the State and Federal Bars of Nevada and New York.

Juris Doctor, St. John’s University School of Law, Jamaica, New York.

Other Information

Fluent in Spanish with extensive travel experience.

Recent Success Stories

Worked with the management of a technology company to define and execute legal compliance goals including creating equal employment opportunity policies that successfully avoided an alleged discrimination suit and drafted employment contracts that included employee self-reporting performance review and suggestion mechanisms that increased employee efficiency and efficient allocation of company resources. Interacted courteously with management, personnel, contractors, governmental entities and customers to explain legal and technical concepts in lay terms that each would understand. All legal compliance goals were timely achieved despite an eviction notice from the company’s landlord that was successfully negotiated to preserve the landlord/tenant relationship.

Counseled management of a fledgling international tourism start-up to re-define the theory of the business with emphasis on how to define results based on core-competencies. Studying potential customers and competition using demographics, market structure and available technology to exploit market changes, all non-core functions were outsourced effectively converting (and lowering) fixed costs to variable costs while increasing quality. End result was a client that was properly positioned to achieve a market-leader position.



Attorney Neil E. Colmenares, P.C. is proud to implement the latest innovations in various spheres of business so that you can focus your time on running your business. This implementation helps us achieve amazing results when cooperating with other professionals and businesses. We see innovation as a way to push modern companies forward down the path of success, while also offering groundbreaking ideas that are designed to satisfy specific needs of your business. Innovations help us create new solutions that are often called evolutionary in everything that can help transform a mediocre business into a prosperous one. It includes new ideas in promoting products and services, creating marketing strategies that allow you to occupy your desired market niche, etc. We also use revolutionary ideas that completely change the course of your company’s development.
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Attorney Neil E. Colmenares,P.C. is open to anyone that wants to improve their business potential. Even if you are not experienced in running your own business or in starting a company, we can put you on the road to success. Our openness extends not only to cooperating with our clients, but also to the relationships we have developed with other professionals that understand how to build and run a highly successful and profitable business. We believe that openness is crucial in building a strong and resistant team of professionals that share your views and strive for reaching your company’s goals.
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Mutual help

We help our clients establish a coherent and efficient business model to maximize profits. Attorney Neil E. Colmenares, P.C. accomplishes this by working with our clients and having our clients give us all the necessary data so we can integrate our solutions into their company’s activity without disturbing operations. Mutual help is one of our basic principles that we adhere to. This means not only helping our current clients, but also our loyal and potential clients that may need some assistance in solving complicated problems. This principle is supported by the fact our clients trust us with the most important information about their company’s activity.
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Social responsibility

When it comes to dealing with people, Attorney Neil E. Colmenares, P.C. stands out from the crowd. We treat every person tolerantly and equally, no matter whether he/she is a top-level manager or a trainee. Moreover, we believe modern companies should concentrate not only on maximizing their profits, but also on effective operation that includes developing the skills needed in dealing with employees, vendors, governmental agencies, and competitors.
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