The “Your General Counsel” Program—Learn What You’re Missing

All businesses need legal services but few have funds to have a law firm on their beckon call. To make matters worse, when legal services are immediately required, most law firms will require an exorbitant retainer to undertake representation.

Let’s face it; running a business costs a lot of money including rent, insurance, salaries, withholding contributions, equipment financing and leasing, etc. Few businesses have available funds to pay legal services that are not immediately required.

That’s why we created — The Your General Counsel Program — an affordable new way to have access to quality legal representation without breaking the bank.

Here’s how it works: For an affordable flat monthly fee of $500, your business is guaranteed access to Attorney Colmenares via in-person, telephone, or videoconference for up to three hours per month. Any work needed in excess of three hours per month will be performed at a discounted hourly rate.

Ask any question you like, “pick” our brain about any topic, get first-rate counsel, advice, and representation for a reasonable monthly fee. Attorney Colmenares will also provide your business with an ongoing Risk Management Strategy to help implement and manage cost saving measures to help your business run as efficiently and economically as possible. In other words, we advise on how to avoid and mitigate risk.

You should act now as there are limited slots remaining to take advantage of this new and innovative program.

Attorney Neil E. Colmenares  is a trusted advisor providing visionary general counsel and management advice to a diverse business clientele for over fifteen years.

Services offered under Your General Counsel include:

  • Overall entity compliance with applicable statutes and regulations including legal, compliance, contract matters for client organization, procurement, strategic planning and alliances, litigation, business ethics, intellectual property and technology licensing, commercial and strategic transactions, corporate governance, and employment and labor.
  • Entity formation, governance, compliance, and dissolution including entity selection, conversion, dissents, domestication, exchange, mergers, and tax elections.
  • Purchase and sale of business entities including preparation of contracts of sale, negotiations, timing issues, security interests, regulatory and licensure compliance, and uniform commercial code filings.
  • Equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment policies, operating and shareholder agreements.
  • Commercial lease negotiations including assignments, letters of intent, successor liability, and subletting.
  • Succession planning.
  • Business contracts and agreements including accords and satisfactions, assignments (lease and intellectual property), non-competition, confidentiality, consulting, development, non-disclosure, distribution, employment, entity sales, independent-contractor, licensing, marketing, novations, promissory notes, purchase and sale, reseller, releases, and security.
  • Civil litigation including:
    • Retaining, supervising, and managing outside counsel with emphasis on quality, value, and alignment with company needs; and
    • Commencing and defending civil litigation lawsuits.
  • Management techniques and practices including:
    • Defining, re-defining, and testing business assumptions about environment, mission, and core-competencies to fit desired outcome;
    • Providing counsel on utilizing and analyzing demographics, market structure, trends, use of technology, competitors, customer needs, and failures; and
    • Best practices including proper use of abandonment, pricing policies, sales strategies, managing relationships between company and it’s workforce, selection of appropriate types of teams and it’s members to accomplish goals, talent allocation, setting productivity benchmarks for workers and setting standards for appraising performance against expectation, outsourcing strategies, re-engineering organization around relevant and meaningful information, innovation strategies, defining customer service goals, development of concepts and tools to interact and operate efficiently and seamlessly along the organization’s entire economic chain, and capital appropriation strategies.
  • Turnaround services including:
    • Defining organization expectation and goals;
    • Review and implementation of best management techniques and practices; and
    • Advising existing management on selection of interim expert- or general-manager to work in conjunction with turnaround specialist.
  • Bankruptcy litigation, administration, and estate management.
  • Asset protection and estate planning including:
    • Drafting incapacitation-planning documents including durable powers of attorney for financial matters, durable powers of attorney for health care decisions, and declarations concerning the withholding of life saving treatment;
    • Drafting estate planning and trust documents including wills (pour over and complex), revocable living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, qualified domestic trusts, special needs trusts, and Nevada domestic asset protection trusts; and
    • Drafting pre- and ante-nuptial agreements.

Your business is important and should be treated as such. You should call today to learn more about this innovative, money-saving program.